Architecture coincides with the time period in which it is created in. As time progresses and changes, GSN+p evolves with it, capturing the birth of new ideas from the scares of tragic events to the caring for the environment to be able to achieve a sustainable design. As time progresses GSN+p advances yet there are things that have retained conservative. Human need, interests, sentiments & values of clients are taken into utmost consideration. This is done so to build a connection and leave memorable experience to the end users.


We believe that Interior Design is an art of influencing people’s lifestyle. This is a general statement that everyone of us is aware of. We design the spaces according to the functions so that the design becomes a big success and serves its purpose of built. Our vast experience in client relation, knowing his taste, requirements, system of management, size and nature of staff, budget and other considerations gives us fulfillment and inspiration in our profession.


Focusing on customer service and value creation, our key objective is to provide our clients with value-added outcomes and optimum return on their investment. It is our aim to ensure innovative and flexible solutions in order to exceed all expectations. We provide tailored resource solutions to oversee and manage construction projects. We assemble teams to meet the requirements of each project and client, and can deal with technical, managerial and administrative issues.


We are concerned with bringing art into the daily lives of the people. Like people need colorful, designer clothes to wear and taste and presentation of food. Likewise, people like to live and work in places that are beautifully designed and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Every building is different. Every project is different. There is absolutely no monotony in life. The thrill and the challenge of work is exhilarating to say the least.